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What does dental sedation feel like?

For anxious or overwhelmed patients, sedation is often a helpful tool to improve their dental care experience. It is natural that many have questions before undergoing sedation and want to know what it will feel like. Here, our Halifax dentists explain.

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How to Know if You Have a Dental Emergency

Many people will have a dental emergency at some point, sometimes as a result of underlying oral health conditions or injuries. Our Halifax dentists provide advice about how to know if your dental issue is an emergency, and what to do.

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How to Prepare for Dental Sedation

Today, our Halifax dentists will share some basic tips on how individuals can prepare for a safe dental sedation appointment. Please understand these are just general tips, and your dentist may have specific instructions for you that are not present in this article, based on your specific needs.

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5 reasons why your tooth might hurt

If tooth or gum pain is plaguing you, contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. In this post, our Halifax dentists explain some possible reasons for your pain and what you can do until you get to the dentist.

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How to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Anxiety or fear around dental appointments is very common, and it can prevent you from getting the dental care you need. Our Halifax dentists explain what options are available to help you overcome your worries.

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What Jaw Pain Means: What Causes It and How to Treat It

When you have jaw pain it could be caused by a number of different issues. Here, our Halifax dentists talk about the causes of pain affecting the jaw and what you can do to help relieve it.

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How To Deal With Dental Anxiety In Children

Although dental visits are important for ensuring good oral health, some children report finding strange noises, people, and equipment at the dental office contributes to fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist. In this post, our Halifax dentists share some tips for dealing with dental anxiety in children.

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Dental Appliances Can Help You With Sleep Apnea

Sleep disorders can affect your ability to get consistent rest and therefore impact your health. In this post, our Halifax dentists discuss dental appliances that can help you with sleep apnea that some dental offices offer.

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How long does sedation take to wear off?

Dental sedation is often a recommendable option for patients suffering anxiety or having difficulty undergoing oral surgery and other dental procedures. Sedation is generally safe and effective - one question many people have, however, is how long it takes for dental sedation to wear off.

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How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

It can be tricky to find the right dentist for you. If you live in Halifax, Atlantic Dental Centre might be the best choice for you! Here, our Halifax dentists explain how to choose the right dentist.

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